Doctor Christine Daniel, who Tricked Patients Into Cancer 'Cure,' Gets 14 Years

A doctor who tricked her patients into paying for herbal remedies which she claimed cured cancer has been convicted and forced to pay back the $1.3 million her patients paid her.

Christine Daniel, 58, was sentenced to 14 years in prison. 

She told her patients to not have chemotherapy or pain killers and instead take her treatment, charging them up to $100,000 for six months.

Daniel said her herbal remedies had a 60 to 80 percent chance of success in fighting advance stages of cancer. She also said it could cure diabetes and multiple sclerosis.

Though she claimed the remedies were successful, experts discovered that her concoctions were made up of useless material, like sunscreen preservatives, beef extract flavoring and other ingredients. 

Her useless treatments resulted in the deaths of many patients, most living out their final months in "absolute agony."

Attorney Andre Birotte Jr. said, "Daniel robbed victims of more than money, she also stole their hopes and dreams for a cure."

Daniel was charged by U.S. District Judge Robert Timlin with four counts of mail and wire fraud, six counts of tax evasion and one count of witness tampering.

During the hearing, 28 former patients and family members of the deceased provided details of Daniel's treatment plan.

One account told of Paula Middlebrooks, who was charged almost $60,000 for her treatment from Daniel. Daniel told her that she was disease-free after five months of treatment, but Middlebrooks' breast cancer actually spread. She died soon after.

Another story involved a 22-year-old woman who had lymphoma. Daniel told the woman to not bother getting chemotherapy or radiation. The woman later died.

Sources: NY Daily News,OC Weekly


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