Doctor Chris Culligan Makes Penis Size Predictor App, "Predicktor"

One Toronto doctor is attempting to open up dialogue about sexual health through his creation of an app that predicts penis size.

Called “Predicktor,” the app uses criteria like height, shoe size, finger length, sexual orientation and buttocks size to determine the man’s penis length to a tenth of an inch.

Dr. Chris Culligan said his goal was to dispel myths about penis size and open up a dialogue about sexual health in a fun and interactive program.

The app’s website says Predicktor helps “patients of all ages who express penis-related insecurity, anxiety or dissatisfaction” and acts as a “springboard to discussion to relieve anxiety and stop the myths through education.”

Predicktor is based off something called the Hox genes, a chromosomal cluster which is thought to have a role in penis size and sexual orientation.

By determining the height, shoe size, buttock size and ratio of index and ring finger length, the penis size can be accurately determined.

The app asks for this info, and once it’s typed in, you shake up the phone and get results.

Culligan explained studies which include data about gay men having longer and thicker penises than heterosexual men. Alfred Kinsey, author of the study, reported that gay men’s penises were a third of an inch longer on average. This may be related to the Hox genes.

“Gay pride just got a little prouder,” Culligan said.

He decided to make the app after he saw a few teenage kids who came into his office and said their penis was too small. He said some men suffer from “Small Penis Syndrome,” a form of body dysmorphia which causes them to falsely believe their penis is less-than-average size.

Culligan blames pornography for this frequent phenomenon, as porn stars often have larger-than-average penises and these images cause teens to be insecure about their own.

“Porn stars,” the Predicktor app states, “are outliers.”

When Culligan’s patients are insecure about their penis size, he said he shows them medical data which proves they are average. He was surprised at the amount of studies on the topic.

“I realized there’s a lot of literature out there,” he said. “But when I was looking at the actual studies I was sort of surprised about a couple of things, one was that there were a lot of studies and two, that they didn’t actually agree with what most people thought.”

“Race,” Culligan explained, “has never been shown to be related to penis size in any reasonable published study.”

The app is available on Android, and Culligan is working on releasing a version of it for Blackberry later this month. He is also planning to make it available on the iPhone.



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