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Doctor Caught Off Guard After Realizing Why 5-Year-Old Was Experiencing Stomach Pains

Peruvian doctors found a bullet lodged inside a 5-year-old boy’s stomach.

The boy apparently swallowed the bullet after playing with it at his home. A few days later, he complained of stomach pain. Doctors at the emergency room in Peru found the bullet in his stomach.

The boy found the bullet during a hiking trip with his family a year ago, according to the police investigation. He swallowed it recently and within a week went to the emergency room, reports WorldWide Weird News.

Doctors used X-rays to help determine what was causing the pain and saw the bullet on the image. They consulted with the explosives unit of the police department, fearing the bullet might release toxic chemicals inside the boy’s body when removed.

Lead is used widely in bullets because it is dense, inexpensive, easy to obtain and work with and melts at a low temperature.

The heavy metal is toxic to many organs and tissues, including the heart, bones, intestines, kidneys, and reproductive and nervous systems. Lead is particularly poisonous to children because their bodies are still growing rapidly and lead can cause permanent learning and behavior disorders. Kids also absorb lead at a faster rate than adults

Symptoms of lead poisoning include confusion, headache, depression, irritability, memory loss, blindness, hallucinations, personality changes, decreased libido, trouble sleeping, and in some cases seizures and death.

Even a tiny amount of lead exposure can be dangerous. No safe threshold for exposure to the metal has been discovered.

To avoid a chemical reaction in the child’s body, doctors decided to avoid using the usual method of extracting the foreign object out of the boy’s stomach through his mouth. They decided to instead wait for the bullet to come out of the boy’s body.

After a few days in the hospital, the bullet was recovered from the boy’s excrement.

The doctor who advised the family said that it is rare for doctors to find bullets inside of a child’s stomach. Fortunately, the doctor said, the bullet left the boy’s body in the best possible way.

The child has since made a complete recovery.

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