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Doctor Blackmails Parents So That They'll Vaccinate Their Newborn Baby

Brand new parents Aliea Bidwell and Ben Gray claim that a doctor blackmailed them after they refused to vaccinate their baby, and when they believed they were faced with no other option, they finally gave into the doctor’s demands.

Bidwell and Gray gave birth to a healthy baby boy named Aaron at 9:26 a.m. on March 14. Prior to being admitted, Bidwell informed the nurses that she didn’t want her child to receive newborn vaccines. None of the hospital staff initially had any problems with her request because in the state of Alabama, it is completely legal for a parent to refuse a vaccine for their child.

Hours after the baby was born, however, Dr. Terry M. Bierd entered Bidwell’s hospital room to inform them that they had no choice but to allow her to give Aaron a Hepatitis B vaccination. Bidwell and Gray refused, but Dr. Bierd kep insisting. She told the new parents that if they didn’t give her permission to vaccinate the baby, she would call security and Alabama’s Child Protective Services to have them take the child away, but not before she administered the vaccine.

Bidwell and Gray told the doctor that they refused the vaccine for religious and personal reasons, but she didn’t want to hear it. For hours, Dr. Bierd kept coming into the room to threaten action even more. She explained to them that since a blood test was never performed on Bidwell when she entered the hospital, there was no way of knowing if she had Hepatitis B and could possibly give it to her baby. Bidwell and Gray pleaded with the doctor not to take their child away, but she kept telling them that in the eyes of the law, the doctor’s recommendation overrides the parent’s wishes. Unbeknownst to Bidwell and Gray, that is not true.

In the end, after hours of continued threats, the new parents decided to give into the blackmail. Aaron was vaccinated at not even a day old, and now, the distraught parents are hoping to tell their story so that this situation doesn’t happen to other new parents. Unfortunately, other parents have reported that similar situations have happened with Dr. Bierd, and as The Inquisitr points out, this type of doctor blackmail has happened before and continues to go on to this day.


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