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Do You Love Yourself?

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We firmly believe here in FBG land that your heart is literally in your hands. And that you can reach all of your dreams—fitness or not—by first believing that you can. Which is why we’ve spent this entire special week of content celebrating self confidence and helping give you some fun tricks, tips and giveaways to help you really love yo’self. While the uplifting content will continue through Valentine’s Day next week, we wanted to do a quick check-in on you and your relationship with the most important person in your life—yourself!

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Girls, if you chose any answer but the first one, I highly encourage you to make a pact with yourself today to start talking to yourself like a best friend and begin loving yourself unconditionally—faults and all—as you are. You are wonderful! If you need more help, join our February challenge and watch this video for an instant pick-me-up! —Jenn

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