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Do you know where your EGO MIND is?

The 'ego mind' is very clever and loves to create havoc. This is so called ego mind has a mind of its own and a plan. It floats to what it desires and how long it wants to stay is up to it! It is never happy or content being at one place. This very mind wants to be all over the place except in the present and the now.

When you are tired your mind will respond with a "take it easy", when you do take it easy, your mind will say "you need to workout", when you are working out or in my case doing yoga my mind will think of what I need to do next. Hence it goes on creating havoc jumping from one branch to another.

It is constantly driving you around in circles. There is never a moment of silence or just pausing and staying present! It knows when to strike and how to strike. It knows your weakness and how to use it against you. The clever little bugger most always gets its way in the end!

When practicing yoga or any other activity the 'ego mind' has its own goals and will drag you along with it. It thrives on power, glory, the weak or just needing to be the best.Yes it can work for or against you. It will push the body beyond its limits, sometimes tearing a muscle or creating an injury. It rarely wants to be where the body needs to be. The mind and the body are always at odds with each other.

Is the ego mind ever accountable for its actions? Not really in my humble opinion, as it will always find a way to place the blame on something weaker within or on others. The 'ego mind' does not know anything different. This is its true nature. Its job is to be powerful and egoistic. It lives of personal and others insecurities or fears. It is self destructive and harmful to others and most importantly to the self.

No matter how strong the 'ego mind' is, it can be tamed. By being aware of our actions, thoughts and speech on a daily basis this little bugger will slowly disintegrate. Allow the mind to be your friend. Replace the fears with loving thoughts, speech or actions. Work with it as oppose to against it. If a thought arises within the 'ego mind', observe it and try not to analyze or judge it. It wants to be loved and observed with compassion. Guide it and let it not guide you.... 

The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant

We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift

Albert Einstein


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