Do Drunken Trysts Lead to Happy Marriages?


As Stefanie pointed out, and as several of our other bloggers have mentioned, the media--TV, movies, magazines, etc.--are brimming with "information" about sex and relationships. Sometimes they even go so far as to point out
that sex without contraception can lead to pregnancy. However, these
Hollywood portrayals more often than not lead to some sort of happy
ending in which the couple sticks together and everything works out by
the time the credits roll around.

If only real life worked out so neatly...just yesterday I was reading the morning free paper and stumbled upon an advice column
featuring a letter from a woman who is concerned about her friend who
became pregnant as the result of a drunken hook-up with a former
boyfriend. According to the letter, the friend is holding on to the
hope that the boyfriend (who has previously stolen, lied, and cheated)
will come back because of the baby. Have you heard this from someone
you know? How'd it turn out?

Unfortunately, research
suggests that most couples who have an unplanned pregnancy aren't
married or even living together by the time the baby is two (i.e. "Sex
won't make him yours, and a baby won't make him stay"). Far be it from
me to say that drunken trysts with ex-boyfriends are off-limits, but
it's time we start talking and thinking about the consequences of conceiving and bearing children as a result. Huge advances in the field of family planning have given us great contraceptive methods that can be used/taken/inserted long before we are at the bar/club/bedroom. So...

How do we encourage more people to use these modern, effective
methods instead of relying on the mantra of "it won't happen to
me"...or thinking it might be for the best if it "accidentally" does?

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