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Dmitry Itskov's 2045 Initiative Wants You to Live Forever

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What if you could live forever?

Igor Vishev, a distinguished philosopher born in 1933, believed there are people alive today who will never die. Now some scientists truly believe they can create immortality by the year 2045.

A team of Russian scientists led by Dmitry Itskov has founded the “2045 Initiative." The collective's goal is to create a new vision of human development that meets the global challenges we face today by realizing the possibility of extreme human life extension through cybernetic technology.

In short, and more simply put, they want to make humans immortal.

But at what cost? Human bodies deteriorate naturally and cannot physically sustain life for more than 80-110 years currently, so the 2045 team plans to create robotic avatars in which they can implant the parts of the human brain associated with consciousness. This might sound like a science-fiction movie, but maybe the future will look a lot more like the movie “Avatar” than expected.

The 2045 initiative will unfold in 4 distinct phases.


The initiative hopes to initiate the widespread use of androad “avatars” controlled by a “brain-computer” interface. These avatars will not grant the user immortality, but allow humans to send drones into dangerous situations and perform rescue operations.


The scientists will begin to create a life-support system for the human brain that would be linked to a robotic avatar, saving those whose bodies may be worn out or damaged.


The 2045 team will create a computer model of the brain and human consciousness in order to transfer a human’s natural consciousness into an artificial carrier. This will be the first steps toward cybernetic immortality.


By this year, the scientists hope to give the substance-independent minds new bodies that exceed the capabilities of ordinary humans, thus beginning a “new era for humanity”. If successful, humanity will make a full evolutionary transition and become a new species.

If you’re like me, you may be starting to wonder about all the complications that could arise from affordable worldwide immortality. First of all, what if this got into the wrong hands, and criminals became immortal?

Just because everyone can live forever, does not mean everyone should? Also, how will these avatars be fed? The earth’s resources are not immortal and will certainly not be able to support the current earth’s population if nobody ever died. In addition, what about religion? Are we now playing the role of God? This is sure to go against the beliefs of almost any religious group.

Hopefully, the scientists heading the 2045 initiative will be able to address these issues in time. Do you think that mankind will ever be truly immortal?

Check out the 2045 Initiative website here.


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