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Customer Makes Disturbing Find In Chipotle Meal (Photos)

A Chipotle customer in Florida got a very unwanted surprised in her burrito bowl.

"How the f--- do you explain this?" Twitter user @roxyweekley tweeted to Chipotle according to Break. 

The angry tweet was accompanied by two photos of the disgusting surprise she found in her burrito bowl: a whole chicken's foot. 

After the restaurant chain had an E. coli scare in 2015 in which dozens of customers became ill, the company's sales have plummeted. I think it is safe to say that letting a chicken foot make its way into a customer's meal will not be doing them any favors in sales.

The chicken's foot appears to have been found at the bottom of the bowl, after the customer had already eaten most of the meal. It also appears to have been cooked with the meat ordered by the customer.

The company responded on Twitter to the angry tweet, saying: "I'm sorry about that. Please share details with us at so we can make it right."

Sources: Bro Bible/TwitterBreak / Photo credit: Bro Bible/Twitter

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