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'It's Disgusting': Facebook Group Mocks 5-Year-Old Twins With Down's Syndrome


Although Casey and Connor Wilkenson may seem like your typical 5-year-old twin boys, their lives are anything but.

In fact, people all over the world know of them. 

"We have friends in Scotland and South America," their mother Meghan Wilkenson told Toledo News Now.

The boys were also born with Down Syndrome, a genetic condition which causes developmental and learning disabilities for the two. But that hasn’t stopped them from garnering almost 3,000 followers on their Facebook page. 

Despite their large social media presence, they are also the victims of some malicious cyber bullying, Toledo News Now reports.

"I just think it's disgusting," their father Matthew Wilkenson told the news site. "Some of it I think is pure ignorance and some of it I think is just evil."

Onnline bullying groups allegedly steal photos of children and adults with Down Syndrome in order to make fun of them on social media sites like Facebook. Recently, the Wilkenson family found themselves victim to these malicious acts when a photo of the twins was stolen and used for bullying.

"They had put a title on it, 'Double Downs,' and made comments making fun of their faces," described Meghan. "It took me threatening a lawsuit for them to take the picture down. It took three days. Three days of them making fun of my ten-week-old babies before it got taken care of."

According to Toledo News Now, Facebook allegedly refused to take down the mean pictures at first, citing their community policy and saying that the photos did not violate it.

"You can't make fun of someone's sexual orientation. You can't make fun of their religion, but children with disabilities are fair game," Meghan told reporters.

Though they were able to get the photo of their children removed, it is only a temporary solution to a larger problem to the family.

"I think a lot of it is that people don't realize how degrading these pages are and how demoralizing it is to the families. It's heartbreaking," Meghan said.

Source: Toledo News Now Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons


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