Disabled Grandfather Brian Davis Charged with Terrorism Felony for Security Comment (Video)


Brian Davis, a disabled grandfather, was arrested and charged with a felony threat of terrorism after he told his physical therapist that his granddaughter's school lacked security and that anyone could shoot it up (video below).

The unidentified physical therapist claims Davis made a threatening comment about shooting up Howar Junior High in Centerville, Iowa.

“I never said that I would go in there and do something to those kids.” Davis told WHO-TV 13. “I said anybody, any one person could go in there. Anybody.”

“We got a call from the administrator of the hospital, expressed concern over what Mr. Davis had said to some employees.” said Centerville Police Sergeant Mike Moore,  “It did become more of a personalized issue, where he said he was going to do this or he could do this.”

Davis, who is being held on $50,000 bail in the Appanoose County Jail, said this is a misunderstanding, but police claim they can't take any chances when the safety of chldren is involved.

"We are thankful that local persons reported their concerns to law enforcement and that criminal justice officials have acted so promptly as they deemed appropriate and have kept us informed," Centerville Schools superintendent Tony Ryan told the Daily Iowegian

"Through local media, all staff are likely now aware of the nature of the allegations and the identity of the person allegedly involved but the District will make sure they are. In recent weeks and prior to this incident, the District has been meeting with local EMS officials to examine and if necessary amend our school safety procedures after the Connecticut school tragedy. Once again, we are appreciative of the local persons reporting their concerns to law enforcement."

Sources: WHO-TV 13 and Daily Iowegian


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