Dietary Supplement Tips You Need to Know


When choosing any dietary supplement, consider the following:

Who Needs Supplements?

According to the 2010 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee Report, the majority of the American public is overweight or obese, and yet under-nourished in several key nutrients. What we eat affects our health and well-being. Unfortunately many Americans often fall short on getting the nutrients their bodies need. Dietary supplements are intended to supplement the diet where there may be nutrient shortfalls. Vitamins and minerals work together to keep the body growing and functioning normally. They help convert food into energy, keep cells healthy, and support the immune system.

Some people may require supplements because the vitamins and/or minerals they need are hard to obtain in the diet. Certain populations have been recognized as particularly requiring supplementation, including pregnant women, nursing mothers, vegetarians, people with food allergies or intolerances, senior citizens, and those with certain health problems.

Look For The USP Verified Mark:

When searching for supplements, look for verification from qualified third-party organizations, such as the United States Pharmacopeia (USP). USP is a scientific not-for-profit organization that has set pharmaceutical quality standards since 1820 and has established standards for medicines, food ingredients and dietary supplements. USP's standards are recognized by and used in more than 130 countries around the globe. Products and ingredients that pass all USP requirements—including a GMP audit, product and ingredient testing, and quality control and manufacturing documentation review—are awarded the distinctive USP Verified Dietary Supplement mark, verification the product meets criteria set forth by USP. Participation is voluntary and available to manufacturers worldwide, though only 10 companies, including Nature Made®, currently participate. Only those that meet USP's stringent criteria are awarded use of the USP Verified Dietary Supplement mark to display on their product labels. Finding this mark on a dietary supplement label helps to assure consumers that the supplements they buy meet the quality standards they expect.

Nature Made was the first brand to obtain the USP Verified Dietary Supplement mark for a majority of its products. More than 90 Nature Made products have passed the rigorous verification program.

Where To Seek More Information:

There are a number of helpful resources for consumers, including:


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A combination of extracts from the top super fruits proven to contain superior antioxidant power to promote heart health, ant-aging, overall vitality and wellness.

• Includes proprietary blend of 640mg of super fruit with Açaí, Elderberry, Pomegranate, Noni, Bilberry, Grape Seed, Lycium, Cranberry and Mangosteen and 600mg of Green Tea with 300mg EGCG and 60mg Vitamin C (per serving)

• Açaí and other super fruits contain polyphenols, one of nature’s most powerful antioxidants that help prevent free radical cell damage.

• The addition of Green Tea with EGCG offers additional antioxidant and heart health benefits.

Nature Made Ultra Omega-3 Mini Fish Oil

Using a highly concentrated fish oil to provide softgels that are ½ the size of a regular fish oil supplement but contains the same amount of Omega-3 as a regular 1200mg fish oil supplement.

Vitamin D LSG 1000 IU

Maintaining healthy levels of Vitamin D in your body has been shown to be an important part of your overall health. Nature Made Vitamin D 1000 IU Liquid Softgels are made of Vitamin D3, the body’s preferred form of Vitamin D. Nature Made Vitamin D-3 1000 IU liquid softgels are perfect for the healthy adult looking for an easy to swallow supplement to meet the commonly recommended daily Vitamin D dosage.

Super B-Complex

Maintaining your energy level can help you feel your best. Nature Made Super B-Complex is a combination of essential B vitamins (thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, B-6, folic acid, biotin and pantothenic acid) that work together to help produce energy.

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