Diet Pills: Helpful or Downright Dangerous?

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Earlier this week, I railed pretty hard on our crush Bob Harper for coming out with a line of weight-loss supplements. But in typical FBG fashion, this site isn’t just about what we think; it’s a community for discussion and learning from each other. While I suspect that the majority of you agree with me that diet pills—and to some degree, supplements of all kinds that are beyond your usual multivitamin—should be taken only under the guidance of a health professional, if at all (they’re not regulated in the U.S., after all), I’m curious about your experiences with them. So we’re asking what you think. Are diet pills helpful or downright dangerous?

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Can’t see the poll? Click here to tell us about your thoughts on diet pills.

As always, feel free to expand on your thoughts in the comments. Should be a lively topic, I’d guess… —Jenn


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