Did Your Members of Congress Stand Up for Women?


by Judy Waxman, Vice President for Health and Reproductive Rights, 
National Women's Law Center

“It’s personal for women. After we pass this bill, being a woman will no longer be a pre-existing medical condition.” — Speaker Nancy Pelosi, March 21, 2010

Because many of you stood up for health care reform that works for women, on Sunday, the House of Representatives took a historic step toward ending insurance industry practices that discriminate against women every day.

But when push came to shove — did your Member of Congress stand with women and their families? Or did they stand with the health insurance companies?

Find out how your Member of Congress votedand thank the Representatives who voted for quality, affordable health care and tell those who voted with the insurance industry that their constituents need more from them.

Since you took a stand, insurance companies no longer will be able to discriminate against women simply because they are women. They no longer will be allowed to charge women higher premiums than men or deny coverage to women who have had Caesarean sections or who have survived domestic violence under the guise that these are "pre-existing conditions."

You have helped bring us one step closer health care reform that works for women — did your Member of Congress help?

We still have work to do — the Senate still needs to pass the reconciliation package of “fixes” to the Senate bill. And, after we pass health care reform, we’ll have to fight together to fix the dangerous restrictions on abortion coverage that anti-choice Members of Congress pushed through. In addition, an executive order to be issued by the President after passage of health care reform reflects the serious limitations on abortion care that will result.

We will never rest until these barriers are removed. And we have shown that together we can achieve even the greatest feats.

Thanks for all your continued efforts on behalf of women and their families.

P.S. Find out how women in your state will benefit from health care reform with our newly updated state-by-state fact sheets.

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