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Did Gwen Stefani Spend 15 Grand on Kid's Birthday Bash?

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Us Magazine is reporting that supermom Gwen Stefani (LOVE her!) spent $15,000 on Kingston's 4th birthday party.

The party had 100 guests, and the menu featured burgers, hot dogs, tacos, quesadillas, french fries and chicken fingers. A cotton candy machine and a lemonade stand were also provided.

Entertainment included a bouncy castle, three birds, a face painter, a balloon artist and roaming superhero characters.

Worth it? (Keep in mind that $15,000 to Gwen Stefani is probably like $100 to most of the rest of us ... and we wouldn't blink an eye at spending that -- and then some -- on a birthday party.)

Would you plunk down a fortune for your kid's birthday bash? Momlogic featured this over-the-top birthday party (complete with elephant rides!), and our readers were definitely divided.

On the other side of the spectrum, you have this mom who told momlogic she spent just ten bucks on her kid's party. She got criticized for not spending ENOUGH.

What do you think of pricey and extravagant parties for toddlers ... OK, or no way?


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