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New African-American Barbie has Breast Implants?

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Barbie isn't usually synonymous with modesty; you can typically catch the plastic icon gallivanting around her Dream House in short shorts and tight shirts -- often with her paramour, Ken, in tow. We've come to accept her outrageously proportioned body and irrationally small feet. But now there's a new Barbie in town -- and her plunging neckline has some moms' panties in a twist. 

Each doll in the "Barbie Basic Collection" -- the latest to hit stores -- is dressed in that essential fashion statement, the little black dress. The doll that's creating the stir is the African-American doll in the series. Some moms believe that the busty Barbie has cleavage that mimics that of women with breast implants.

One mom questioned Mattel's new doll on a local news show. "What parent would buy this for their kid?" she asked. "Is that really an appropriate image you want to display for your young daughter?" 

So far, there has not been a recall of the doll, and Mattel has kept silent. But you don't have to! What do YOU think? Should this Barbie cover up?


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