Dick Cheney Doesn't Want to Know the Donor Family of His Heart Transplant (Video)


Former Vice President Dick Cheney has never been a supporter of Obamacare or universal health care for Americans.

However, in 2012, Cheney's heart transplant cost taxpayers $1 million, thanks to his government-funded health care plan for life, noted Forbes.

Cheney recently wrote a book about his transplant, which he was plugging during an interview with Larry King (video below).

According to Salon.com, King asked Cheney if he knew whose heart saved his life, but former VP said he didn't and had no interest in knowing.

"There's a process you can go through with a third party who will broker contacts with the donor family and the recipient," said Cheney. "It hadn't been a priority for me."

"When I came out from under the anesthetic after the transplant, I was euphoric," recalled Cheney. "I’d been given the gift of additional lives, additional years of life.  For the family of the donor, they’d just been [through] some terrible tragedy, they’d lost a family member." 

"I can’t tell why, obviously, when you don’t know the details, but the way I think of it from a psychological standpoint is that it’s my new heart, not someone else’s old heart," added Cheney. "And I always thank the donor, generically thank donors for the gift that I’ve been given, but I don’t spend time wondering who had it, what they’d done, what kind of person."

Sources: Forbes and Salon.com


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