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Diabetic Man's Trip To McDonald's Doesn't Go As Planned

A diabetic man, who feared he was about to go into a coma, was reportedly turned away when he tried to order a burger at local McDonald’s.

Matt Brown, a 38-year-old teacher from Coventry, England, had approached the McDonald’s drive-thru on foot after he began to feel ill while walking home from his mother’s house. “I decided to head for the McDonalds on my route to get my sugar level back safe,” Brown said. “I usually carry Lucozade for emergencies but had run out.”

Brown asked the server for a burger so he wouldn’t collapse from a hypoglycemic attack, and the drive-thru staff reportedly refused to serve him because he wasn’t in a car. He then begged the manager to call an ambulance, who said it wasn’t their problem.

According to Brown, he was “left slumped outside” for over an hour. “I just needed some help and goodwill,” Brown said.

A McDonald’s spokesperson responded to the incident, saying that Brown had asked the manager to call him a taxi, not an ambulance. The spokesperson also maintained that their initial refusal was simply a matter of policy.

“For safety, we cannot serve people on foot in our drive-thrus.”

Source: Mirror Online / Photo Credit: WikiCommons


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