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Can Homeopathy Complement Traditional Medical Treatments?

What else might work when the conventional save-the-thyroid treatment plan just isn’t quite enough? That is, you lost your joie de vive when your thyroid tanked, and you’re still feeling under-joyed. Orthodox treatment has helped you make progress, but you’re wanting to do everything you can, including some alternative therapies, to optimize your progress.

I highly recommend orthodox thyroid treatment, with a knowledgeable doctor who really listens and addresses your concerns. But what about homeopaths, also known as the kooks who use Avogadro’s to make remarkably dilute potions, designed to balance your constitution? Their work is subtle yet transformative for many, and is often a good augmentation to work you may do with your more conventional thyroid doctor.

Homeopathy gained popularity in the 19th century with its philosophy of treating “like” with “like,” and adjusting to the individual. It uses neither drugs nor surgery. Millions swear by it.

I am not trained in homeopathy, but I love to learn how other ancient systems approach problems such as thyroid dysfunction. Here are some of the tools they use.

  1. Natrum mer when constipation is a main symptom, as well as palpitations and an earthy complexion.
  2. Arsenicum can be taken up to 5 days for underfunctioning, while a constitutional treatment is being sought.
  3. Iodum when the patient feels hot, cannot stop activity, feels obsessy, and particularly if dark-skinned and dark-eyed.
  4. Lycopus if heart is pounding and racing
  5. Belladonna if the patient has a flushed face and staring eyes.

I’m not advising that you take these therapies – they are just some to consider as you arrive at your best evidence-based integrative plan for how to heal your thyroid function.

Written by, Dr. Sara Gottfried


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