Deputy Paul Martin Fired After Asking Teen Rape Victim Suggestive Questions About Anal Sex


A Florida sheriff’s deputy was fired over sexually suggestive comments he made to a teen victim during a rape investigation.

Paul Martin, a 25-year veteran, was fired from the Pinellas County sheriff’s office on Monday for violating the department guidelines, and the sheriff says this isn’t the first time.

"I'm not going to tolerate it," Sheriff Bob Gualtieri (pictured) told WTSP. "I'm not going to have it. Martin has a history here of disciplinary issues. This is the third issue since 2011."

An internal investigation found that Martin asked the 17-year-old specific questions about anal sex, although Martin had “no legitimate investigative reason to ask such a question,” Raw Story reported.

“Telling a 17-year-old girl who is making a sexual battery complaint that you ‘own her’ and that you ‘control her destiny,’ is contrary to all interview boundaries and effective police practices and this conduct violates agency policy,” the report says.

Martin asked her if she sexually attracted to other girls and used profane terms to refer to body parts and sex acts.

"She mentioned somehow that she was with a friend going to Busch Gardens and he turns that into, 'Are you into girls and into lesbian sex?'" said Gualtieri.

He also mentioned that he enjoyed going to strip clubs and joked about his ex-wife being a prostitute.

A child protection investigator reported that Martin reached out to lift up the teen’s shirt when she mentioned that years ago she would cut herself.

Martin’s explanation for his behavior was that he was trying to make the teen uncomfortable so that she would tell the truth. He told investigators that he was “indifferent to the victim’s feelings.”

The teen later testified that her interview with Martin was “awkward, weird, random, blunt, rude, harsh and uncomfortable.”

Martin was previously disciplined for handcuffing his ex-wife and physically assaulting her in 2012, after he spotted her car parked another man’s house. He even allegedly ran an illegal license and registration check on the car to make sure it was hers.

Sources: WTSP, Raw Story


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