Deputy Krystal Rice Suing for $50M after Police Dept Shares Topless Photos


A young police deputy from Watertown, New York, is suing the department after several male colleagues disseminated topless photos of her taken to assist with an investigation of online sexual predators.

In 2006, older, male officers approached Deputy Krystal Rice (pictured below) to help them with a sting operation targeting male pedophiles. The detectives asked Rice to pose topless, pretending to be a 15-year-old girl. Rice agreed to pose for the pictures on the condition that the photos be returned to her after the operation was complete.

The pictures taken showed Rice, topless, with her hands folded across her breasts to cover her nipples. They were sent out to men suspected of being pedophiles, but afterwards Detective Steve Cote allegedly downloaded the photos of Rice onto his laptop computer and shared them with the rest of the department.

Humiliated by the experience, Rice is now seeking $50 million in damages. She claims that the men in the office who took the pictures never allowed her to get them back despite her repeated demands. The 45-page civil complaint asserts that Rice feels “dirty, exposed and extremely embarrassed by these events and incidents.”

The lawsuit also alleges that Detective Cote took the harassment further, sending text messages and spreading malicious gossip about Rice’s personal life. Here lawyer told the press, “It is outrageous and sad that in 2012 we as women and individuals are witnessing this sort of conduct.”

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