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Denying Women Abortions Is Like Telling People They Have To Clean Up After Their Dogs

I'm always fascinated when I read interviews with anti-abortion activists.  They almost always admit there will always be abortions, that people should not be punished for having them, and that over all it's about ensuring that they are as inconvenient as possible and that there are more Caucasian babies available for adoption.

This interview with the "pro-life godmother of McHenry County" hits all of those points and more.

An excerpt:

Gowins: Let’s consider a hypothetical – you meet an unmarried woman who is considering an abortion. What do you say to her?

Napier: A friend that I taught with often calls me to go to political things, and I teased her and said she’s such a conservative. She said, “I’m not always; I sort of support abortion. I cannot tell another person what to do.”

My answer is, you tell other people what to do all the time. You can’t burn down your neighbor’s house, you can’t let your dogs poop on the sidewalk. Our laws tell people what to do. You can’t kill a child outside the womb, so why can you kill a child inside the womb?

Gowins: Say abortions do one day become illegal. People likely will still have them. What do you think of potential illegal abortions?

Napier: Before Roe v. Wade, there were illegal abortions; they were rarely prosecuted. I remember a dear old lady who used to come visit me, and she spoke openly about her abortions. But there are so many more now because they’re legal. Probably one of the worst consequences of nearly 40 years of abortions is where are the workers? When we first came here, it used to be easy to find workers. The economy has suffered, and somehow I believe when your morals go down, the economy goes down.

If abortion would be illegal, and of course it will be done state by state, people will go to states where it’s legal, and so be it, I suppose. At least we aren’t giving it our blessing.

Telling a woman that she has to give birth regardless of the circumstances is the same as telling people that they have to clean up after their dogs?  At least now we know where Illinois is coming up with their idea that all reproductive health laws should go through the agricultural committee.


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