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Dentist Exposes Disturbing Reality About What Cocaine Can Do To Your Mouth (Photos)


A graphic image showing the effect that cocaine can have on a person’s mouth went viral.

The picture, shared by dentist Howard Farran on his Facebook page, showed the nasal and mouth area of one of his patients appearing disintegrated.

“Palatal perforation due to cocaine abuse,” Farran wrote alongside the photo, which was shared more than 67,000 times.

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A summary of the effects of cocaine abuse, from, stated that the addictive drug causes a narrowing of blood vessels throughout the body, which leads to “an increase in blood pressure and a drop in the amount of blood that can easily flow through the vessels at any given time.”

“Without their required blood supply, the tissues in the nasal cavity start to undergo destructive changes in their normal level of function and overall health."

Sources: Daily Mirror, Bro Bible, Facebook / Photo credit: Bro Bible


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