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Dentist Dropped Instrument Down Patient's Throat (Photo)

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An Illinois man won a $675,000 settlement against a dentist who accidentally dropped a dental file down his throat during a routine root canal procedure.  

According to WGN, the patient, Janusz Pawlowicz, noticed that something didn't feel right after his root canal procedure.  Pawlowicz claims the dentist began searching the office for his dental file, but could not find it.  

According to WBBM, the dentist, Dr. Beata Kozar-Warchalowska, tried to hide the fact that she had dropped the file down Pawlowicz's throat, claiming she had no idea where the instrument was.  

But after Pawlowicz began suffering severe abdominal pains a few days later, he went in for X-rays which revealed the device -- called a barbed breach -- was lodged in his stomach. 

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Surgeons removed the instrument, and Pawlowicz's attorneys promptly sued the dentist and obtained a $675,000 settlement.  

Pawlowicz's attorneys claim the dentist should have used a dental dam to keep the instrument from accidentally falling down the patient's throat.  

The dentist has declined to comment. 

Sources: WGN, WBBM / Photo credit: WBBM

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