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Dentist Allegedly Pulled Kids' Teeth Unnecessarily For Medicaid Money (Video)

Dr. Howard Schneider was recently served with 58 notices of intent to sue in Jacksonville, Florida, by a law firm that represents the parents of children who allegedly had unnecessary procedures done by Schneider (video below).

Attorney John Phillips wrote on Facebook that Schneider threw the notices on the ground on Aug. 28 after being served by people from Phillips' office, notes

Phillips said Schneider surrendered his license to practice dentistry in Florida, and had his license revoked in Georgia in May.

CNN reported in May that Schneider was accused of performing unnecessary and unwanted procedures on children to collect millions of dollars from Medicaid; one parent filmed Schneider working on her screaming child.

Schneider was one of the few dentists in Jacksonville who accepted Medicaid.

Brandi Motley told CNN she took her 6-year-old daughter Briel to have one tooth pulled, but Schneider pulled seven.

Briel claimed that Schneider hit and choked her.

Motley said she called the authorities twice, but the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office told CNN: "No report was written on this incident,” even though the sheriff's logs shows that one report was written.

Motley initially could not get a lawyer to represent her, so she posted pictures of Briel's missing teeth and an account of the incident on Facebook, which caused other parents to come forward with similar claims.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office was also called in 2013 by a parent of a 5-year-old girl who claimed Schneider grabbed her daughter’s face and slapped her face several times.

A deputy did find a scratch behind the girl's left ear, but no charges were filed against Schneider, who denied the accusations.

Schneider told CNN in May the current allegations were not correct.

The Florida Attorney General has launched a fraud investigation case into the Medicaid payments, which totaled almost $4 million in five years.

Sources:, CNN / Photo credit: CNN Screenshot


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