Democrats Being Bribed and Coerced to Vote for Corrupt Obamacare Bill


Remember the Senate's anti-gun ObamaCare bill that was crammed full of billions of dollar of bribes:

*  The Cornhusker Kickback? 

*  $300,000,000 of bribes to Louisiana's Senator Mary Landrieu? 

*  A new hospital in Connecticut for morally challenged Senator Chris Dodd? 

*  Roughly ten billion in community health centers to buy off Vermont's Bernie Sanders? 

*  An exemption of Bill Nelson's Florida constituents from the Medicare Advantage cuts applicable to everyone else? 

*  A threat to take away Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman's committee chairmanship unless he falls into line?

And, lest we forget, remember the Senate ObamaCare bill which still allows the ATF to troll a health/gun database in order to take away firearms from tens of millions of Americans?

Well, that's the bill that Speaker Nancy Pelosi is now trying to cram down the throats of conservative House Democrats, who are being told they have to pass this bill that is filled with bribes and corruption --- WITHOUT A SINGLE CHANGE.

Not a single bribe will come out of the bill which Pelosi and Obama are now DEMANDING that the House pass by March 18.

Sure, there will be a companion package --- dubbed "ObamaCare Helper" --- which will be "passed" by the House at the same time. 

But once ObamaCare is passed, what motivation do either Obama or Senate Democrats have to pass a clean-up bill for House Democratic suckers once they've gotten the trillion dollar Senate bill they want?

So -- how does Pelosi get the votes for ObamaCare Helper?  Answer:  More bribes, threats and corruption.

ACTION:  Write your representative one final time.  Tell him to oppose the Senate-passed ObamaCare bill that is full of bribes and corruption.  Remind him that, once Obama and Senate Democrats have gotten what they want, there is no incentive to ignore the Senate rules in order to bail out House Democratic suckers.  You can use the Gun Owners Legislative Action Center at to send a pre-written message.


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