Is Demi Moore Battling Anorexia and Alcohol?

Is Demi Moore’s life spiraling out of control? According to a new report in In Touch Weekly, Demi Moore is spiraling out of control from alcohol abuse and she is also battling anorexia.

The magazine alleges that Demi, 48, has been behaving more like a ‘Girl Gone Wild’ over the past year instead of a married mom-of-three. The report claims that Demi has been so insecure that her husband Ashton Kutcher, 33, would leave her for a younger woman that she has reportedly turned to drinking.

The magazine goes on to reveal that there was an instance when Demi and Ashton were having their home renovated and Demi reportedly greeted the workers “sloppy drunk” every day.

“She would be drunk to the point of sexy dancing and passing out,” says the insider. “The workers were embarrassed for Ashton. Demi seemed to insecure — like she was working so hard to prove her appeal.”

Demi entered rehab in the 80s for a reported cocaine addiction and after a two-week stint she was said to have kicked the habit for good.

“Demi is in a bad place, and her loved ones are concerned,” says the source. “They want her to get better … it’s a misconception that she was ever 100 percent sober. She’s been drinking for years.”

What are your thoughts? Is there any truth to this? Or is In Touch just trying to get more readers?

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