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Delfina Cedeno, Teen Who Cries and Sweats Blood, Engaged After Suicide Attempt

When 19-year-old Delfina Cedeno began to suffer from her rare condition four years ago, both her physical and emotional health began a downward spiral.

Cedeno suffers from a disorder that causes her to cry and sweat blood, and bleed from her fingernails and belly button. The teen from Veron in the Dominican Republic also began to lose hair.

At her worst, Cedeno has bled for up to 15 days, which has left her in critical condition because of the massive blood loss.

“At first no one could help me and they looked at me like a crazy person when I told them what was going on,” she said according to the Daily Mail. “It was only when I started bleeding in front of a doctor one day that they began to take me seriously.”

Since then, the teen has gone through hundreds of tests and doctor visits with little answers.

Left in complete shock and confusion as to what was going on with her, Cedeno dropped out of school and was abandoned by many of her friends.

The entire ordeal left her depressed, and she even tried to take her own life by overdosing on sedatives.

“I wanted to die. My family found me in a heap in my bedroom with my mouth foaming. I ended up in intensive care for a week and when I woke up the doctors told me I had technically died.”

Cedeno recovered and is thankful she did because months later her life changed.

Recaris Avila saw Cedeno's story and paid her a visit in the hospital. Avila and Cedeno soon started to date, and are now engaged.

Even better news for Cedeno, four years later, doctors finally have begun to understand her condition.

Specialists believe Cedeno suffers from hematidrosis, a rare condition in which the person has 20 times the level of adrenaline of a normal person.

From the Daily Mail:

“The anxiety attacks it causes makes her blood pressure rise so severely that she sweats – and this sweat comes out of her body as blood. … As the anxiety increases, the blood vessels dilate to the point of rupture. The blood goes into the sweat glands, which push it along with sweat to the surface, presenting as droplets of blood mixed with sweat.”

Regardless of the rarity of his fiancee’s condition, Avila feels their relationship is normal.

“I’m in love. For me, it’s normal. Sometimes she was embarrassed because she didn’t want me to see her bleeding. I’m not worried. With her, I feel like a happy man.”

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Source: Daily Mail, Townhall


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