Declaration of Capacity


Happy Belated Autism Speakout Day!

I had intended to do something to the effect of The Declaration of Sentiments except for neurodiversity, but I didn't know about the aforementioned day. If I had, I may have posted this sooner.

When in the course of human events it becomes necessary for one group of people to be recognized as distinct but equal in comparison to others in a legal context, it has become customary to list grievances and possible restitutions, ala the Declaration of Independence.

Many times, said Declaration has been parodied. The points of the original and the parodies are this: Oppressed people (and all others) have a GOD given right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness and joy of whatever form it takes. We have the right as individuals to protest injustice and make the system anew by any form of communication we deem necessary. This brings us into the, "You can't not communicate territory," which means our capacity is widened. We can communicate on any wavelength, provided that the attempted receptacle has clear capacities. However, what if "we the people" are considered to have fuzzy reception and sending capacity? It would seem that we need to develop a clearer system of communication then. I shall try to be clear yet open enough to communicate for the "other" in this case, a group deemed by those in power to be less capable of communication.

They have refused to permit us legal benefits most wholesome and necessary for the Autistic good. We are not allowed the standard of education of Neurotypical children because some fear us, and would prefer us locked away rather than taught. These teachers need reprimanding, yes, but educators should be trained to not fear brain differences in the class room, especially in the field of special ed!

They have not seen us for who we are because of their own training. They would like us to try to fit in, and when it's a choice between losing brain cells due to stress and not fitting in, they'd rather us choose the former, because they don't realise that's what fitting in entails for us!

They have not allowed us to develop our own system of nonverbal communication to the fullness, in part because they believe we cannot, and repetitions of communicational aversives to this effect have rendered our capacity to think in detail in this area to be to some extent null.

They do not look beyond the medical model of disease and indeed seek to eliminate our neurotype from future occurances, in effect, destroying us and our own, just as the numbers of those of Down Syndrome have not benefited from the prenatal test for their kind.

They look at our being bullied as evidence of our social failings, and this falsely gives them reason to seek a cure.

They look at their own torments of us from the perspective of science, saying that it is necessary to train us.

They have looked at us as being soulless, as being burdens, incapable of understanding the toils we place on them.

They have spoken of us within hearing as though we felt no pain.

They have referred to us as just being pure little angels, waiting to go back to Heaven, but we do grow up. 

Though some of us love this Heaven with all our entities, others do not.

They have thought of us as being non fearing and hurting, when in reality, we are tortured by their sensory and social machinations.

We therefore submit that we are different and equal to you, and just as capable of understanding, empathy, love, ensouledness, connectivity to the Divine, and indeed communication itself. We may be set apart from you, but one day, we will rise above, to an equal place of love and honour. We are your equals, and we would prove this if you let us.

We would like to have our teachers properly taught, by one or more of our own kind, how to teach us better.

We would like social acceptance without the need to avoid stimming away the stress pressures and thus losing brain cells.

Some of us would like treatment and perhaps a cure for our ASD, others would not want this, or would want less of this. We want to be given our individual choices, including the capacity to unmake them if need be.

Some of us would like encouragement for us to be communicative as our brains dictate, as opposed to normal society. We would all like you to stop speaking of us in disparaging and discouraging ways, even when you don't think we're  present. Love us, don't discourage us.

Some would like if the unborn had a chance to dictate his or her wishes. 

We would like bullies to be punished for us, as well as for Neurotypical children.

We would like it if non-aversive methods were used to eliminate our pain.

We would like to know the things we are not told, that keep us from empowering ourselves, so that we can change the problem.

We would like it if we were empathised with, therefore necessitating that others understand we feel pain, and have a shot at understanding emotions.

We would like others to understand that we grow up, and that we are all very different.

We would like ways around the pain, such as sensory blocking equipment for the hypersensitive, as well as empathy. We are all very different from what people think.


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