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Debunked Historian David Barton Says Salt Isn't Bad for Humans per the Bible

Debunked historian David Barton is now giving medical advice.

Barotn has recently recommended a book, 'None Of These Diseases' by S.I. McMillen, which claims that all the information about medical care and health can be found in the bible, reports

The book claims that promiscuity is the cause of arthritis and insanity, women do not need to experience orgasms and wives abused by their husbands just need to learn to submit.

Last week on his radio show, 'WallBuilders Live,' Barton recommended the book and predicted that science will discover that salt is not bad for humans (which should bring smiles to those with high blood pressure who are told to stay away from salty foods).

Barton said: "And I'll make a speculation on this because I think the Bible is always right on science and science eventually does catch up, we're going to find out salt is not that bad a deal for you."

"There's a reason Jesus made salt a good thing, that we are the salt, we are the light, we're the preservative. Now anything taken too much is going to be a problem, but I have seen in the last two weeks new studies coming out saying well, it turns out salt is not as bad as we thought it was."


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