Dead Ebola Victim Moves Arm (Video)


Dr. Richard Besser was reporting for "Good Morning America" this morning from Monrovia, Liberia, about a suited burial team that was removing a victim of the Ebola virus from the road while an angry crowd looked on.

An unidentified community leader claimed that the crowd had been trying to get the dead man help for days.

The burial team sprayed the body down with bleach and began to wrap it in plastic in preparation for cremation, noted ABC News (video below).

"We couldn't get him help when he was alive," the community leader told Dr. Besser. "They only come when you die."

According to, the dead man suddenly moved his arm.

The burial team unwrapped him from the plastic and put him back on the road. An ambulance arrived minutes later and the crowd cheered.

The man is now reportedly getting medical help.

Sources:, ABC News


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