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DEA Agents Arranged, Paid for Prostitute in Secret Service Scandal

If the Secret Service prostitute scandal last year wasn’t enough already, the Justice Department just released a report that implicates three DEA agents in the scandal as well.

Last April, Secret Service agents arrived in Cartagena, Columbia as part of the advance detail sent before Obama’s arrival for a summit meeting. Thirteen of those agents hit the clubs one night, and after a night of drinking, they all brought women, some of which were prostitutes, back to their hotel rooms.

New evidence, however, has shown that three DEA agents stationed in Cartagena were actually involved in arranging and paying for a prostitute to encounter one of the Secret Service agents.  The woman gave the Secret Service agent a massage at the DEA agent’s residence, and then later had a sexual encounter that the three DEA agents paid for.

Despite the fact that the DEA agents used their DEA-issued Blackberries to set up the encounter, the Justice Department’s inspector general had determined there is no basis for criminal charges to be brought up and they’ll likely only face disciplinary action.

Though prostitution is legal in Columbia, this decision not to pursue criminal charges is unfortunately enabling disgraceful behavior, especially for a government agency. Here in America, where prostitution is illegal, the DEA agents, as an extension of the American government, should be held responsible for their illegal conduct as the Secret Service agents were.

Evidently, what happens in Cartagena stays in Cartagena.


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