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Relaxation Methods: 40 Day Meditation

I am still very happy that I've decided to do this 40 day meditation. I can definitely feel the difference between the days when I just "fit it in" and the days when I have allow myself to have all the time in the world and do it right. I especially know the meditation is on key when I come to my seat and immediately start smiling, both inside and out.

It's amazing to me that when given the opportunity, we have the ability to un-tap that happiness within, any time we want, without even trying. That's the beauty of the entire practice–it brings us back to center and allows us to connect to that righteous happiness just giggling over with abundant joy inside.

Sometimes all of that happiness is hard to find because it's all covered up with stresses and to-do's, deadlines and bills, and we forget, we simply forget. It's the meditation and the practice of being present that helps us remember and come back to our true nature.

Some things I have learned about my meditation:

  • Meditating first thing in the morning is not my most favorite time. While I know the wee small hours of the morning are ideal for some, I need to get up and move around or at least get myself going enough so that I'm not distracted when thoughts of the day's activities start creeping in. I'm also most creative during that time, so I'd rather be writing!
  • Early evening is also not a good time for me to meditate and unfortunately, I often find myself squeezing it in here. I'm often too wound up from work and my long-ass commute home to comfortably sit and watch my breath for two minutes, let alone 20!
  • I like to practice pranayama at the end of my 20 minute meditation. As of right now it's only been alternate nostril breathing. I like it. It makes me feel balanced.
  • Sometimes the chanting is loud, sometimes it is soft. Sometimes I forget the words, sometimes I say them wrong, but always, I keep going. 

I find it fitting that my Dalai Lama quote of the day (thank you BD!) is as follows:

"There are many kinds of meditation. There are some that do not require a formal setting or a particular physical posture. You can meditate while driving or walking, while on a bus or train, and even in the shower."

I like this quote because it reminds me that it's okay if my meditation does not look like it did the day before, if sometimes I'm sitting and sometimes I'm lying down. Every day is different, every moment is different. We are constantly changing. As long as the intention is there then I feel that I've done my part.

What are your experiences with daily meditation? What are your favorite times to come to your seat? What are different ways that you meditate?


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