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Mom Dawn Keim Hears 8-Year-Old Son Speak For 1st Time After Miracle Procedure (Video)

Texas mom Dawn Keim, 43, began losing her hearing about 15 years ago due to a genetic condition. She went through nearly a decade of silence before getting her hearing back.

Last November, daytime talk show “The Doctors” gave Keim the opportunity to have her hearing restored by undergoing a new breakthrough procedure. The episode featuring Keim's emergence from her world of silence and will debut this coming Thursday. In it, there is a heart-wrenching scene between Keim and her son where she is able to hear his voice for the first time in both of their lives.

According to a press release for the show, Keim’s surgery was done at the House Ear Institute in Los Angeles. This facility is where the procedure that Keim had done, receiving a cochlear implant, was originally developed.

Her son Asher had this to say before revealing his voice to his mom for the first time: "I'm just really excited that she can finally hear.” And when he did finally get the chance to speak to his mother, she heard what had to have been music to her ears. Young Asher told Keim that he loved her and they both broke down in tears.

"It's overwhelming and far better than I expected it to be," Keim said in an interview. "I was so fearful of what I was going to hear and what it was going to sound like. I'm still overwhelmed.”

Source: (The Stir)


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