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David Whipple Saves McDonald's Burger from 1999, Looks Exactly the Same

A man in Utah bought a hamburger at McDonald's in 1999. He kept it around for two months to show his friends how it would look the same since it was packed with preservatives.

But David Whipple left the burger in his pocket for two years, forgetting he had it.

He took it out and it still looked the same, which inspired him to keep it around for even longer and see how long it could look normal.

Fourteen years later, it still looks the same, except for the pickle which has since disintegrated. Even the buns look the same and have no mold on them.

"It wasn't on purpose," Whipple said on show 'The Doctors.'

"I was showing some people how enzymes work and I thought a hamburger would be a good idea. And I used it for a month and then I forgot about it."

"It ended up in a paper sack in the original sack with the receipt in my coat pocket tossed in the back of my truck and it sat there for, I don't know, two or three months."

Then the coat got moved into the house in a closet and was forgotten.

"My wife didn't discover it until at least a year or two after that. And we pulled it out and said, 'oh my gosh. I can't believe it looks the same way.'"

The hosts of the show said the burger was showing no signs of mold or fungus, and didn't even smell different. The only thing they noted that changed was the pickle.

At one point, Whipple was going to sell the burger on eBay. Bids reached close to $2,000 but ultimately he and his family decided to keep it for its educational use.

Whipple said he shows the hamburger to his grandchildren to convince them not to eat junk food.

"It's great for my grandkids to see. To see what happens with fast food," he said.

Sources: MSN, Daily Mail


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