David Norton Suffers Stroke at Work, Not Found for 5 Days


David Norton, a computer specialist in Portland, Maine, had a stroke in his University of Southern Maine office, but wasn't discovered until five days later, on Oct. 10.

Norton was barely alive when police found him on Oct. 10. He died Oct. 15 at Maine Medical Center, reports the Associated Press.

Norton had a stroke the Friday before Columbus Day and was found in his locked office by University of Southern Maine police on the following Wednesday, after a co-worker reported he'd missed a meeting.

Norton's mother, Linda Norton, told the Associated Press: "Would you want your son laying there for five days? He laid there for five days after having a massive stroke. The way you treat a massive stroke is the sooner the better. You have those magic few hours, and it's not five days."

Norton was single, so he didn't have a wife who would have reported him missing.

University of Southern Maine police put three parking tickets on Norton's car over the Columbus Day weekend for illegal overnight parking in a school parking lot.


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