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DAPL Protester Suffers Eye Injury, May Lose Vision (Video)

Vanessa Dundon says that she suffered a serious injury to her right eye after Morton County Sheriff's deputies intentionally fired a tear gas canister at her face in Cannon Ball, North Dakota, while she was protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline (video below).

"I just remember saying, 'My eye, they got my eye,'" Dundon told KPNX. "That's when the EMT found me and they put me in the van and then that's when the picture was taken."

That picture of Dundon's eye injury and bruised face went viral on the web.

Dundon and eight other people have filed a class action lawsuit against the Morton County Sheriff's Office for allegedly using excessive force on Nov. 20 and 21.

"After I got hit, I turned around to run and that's when I got shot with a rubber bullet," Dundon told the news station.

The 32-year-old Navajo woman from Arizona said that doctors will not able to examine her eye until the swelling goes down, but she fears she may lose her vision.

Cheree Lynn Solomon set up a GoFundMe page for Dundon:

When I seen Vanessa's picture on Monday morning I raced to Bismark to make sure she was OK and to bring her home with me to heal and get the medical attention needed.

After running into the issue of having no insurance and being turned away at several facilities I started this go fund me account for her.

In the mean time we also are trying to figure a way to get replacements of her ID and social security card which were taken when Morton County raided and demolished the North Camp on October 27.

So...until we are able to get the documents she needs the account will be in my name and I will give the withdrawals directly to her so she can utilize the funds for her Dr. visits.

Sources: KPNX, Cheree Lynn Solomon/GoFundMe / Photo credit: Cheree Lynn Solomon/GoFundMe

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