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Danish Man Cleared of Molestation Charges After Medical Tests Show He Suffers from Rare 'Sexsomnia' Disorder

A 31-year-old Danish man was acquitted of molestation charges after medical tests determined he suffers from a rare sleep disorder called “sexsomnia.”

The disorder is known to cause people to engage in sexual activity while they sleep, which is where the defendant got into some hot water. According to the Glostrup court on Wednesday, the man fondled two 17-year-old girls who were sleeping at his home following a party he’d held at his Copenhagen apartment back in 2011. 

The girls, understandably startled and upset, woke the man up and stopped him, and then reported the incident to the local authorities.

The man was cleared on Wednesday after the court found him not guilty of the sexual assault, due to the evidence provided by medical tests confirming he suffers from sexsomnia. 

Sources: ABC, MSN 


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