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Daniel Burden Awarded $1.3 Million for 'Botched' Circumcision

A five-year-old boy has been rewarded with more than $1.3 million after a doctor botched his circumcision when he was just 12 hours old.

The boy, Daniel Burden, was left with moderate scarring and is at risk of altered nerve sensation. 

Dr. Marc S. Feldstein (pictured) delivered him at Northwestern's Prentice Women's Hospital in Chicago. The birth went well, but the next morning, the tip of Daniel's penis was accidentally amputated during the circumcision.

He received "outstanding" follow-up care and his penis is expected to be fully functional.

Attorney Daniel M. Kotin said, "The defendants claimed this was a known complication which could happen during a circumcision."

"But the truth is, it is the oldest surgical procedure known to man and the most common one performed on baby boys in America. If this was truly a known risk, then nobody would dare have a circumcision."

Timothy Tomasik said, "I'm sure that Danny will be grateful that this injury was not as devastating as it could have been. But he will always be different, and that is something he has to live with for the rest of his life."

Sources: Daily Mail, WSJ


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