Dangerous "Eraser Challenge" Involves Students Rubbing Their Skin And Causing Injuries (Video)


A dangerous new game called the “Eraser Challenge” is being played by kids across the country, and now, a Connecticut middle school has pledged to do whatever they can to put a stop to it.

In this game, students take an eraser and furiously rub it against their skin while reciting the alphabet and thinking of a word for every letter. Once they reach the last letter in the alphabet, the eraser is passed to another student. At the end, all of the students compare wounds.

“Most students use their arms to do this, from their elbow to their wrist — however, it can be anywhere on their body,” wrote Bethel Middle School Principal Derek Muharem in a letter sent to parents. “What I found out was kids were sharing erasers, so as they broke the skin they were passing the eraser off to somebody else, body fluids being shared, and that’s a concern of mine.”

“Please take the time to talk to your child about this to make sure they are not involved in this ridiculous and unsafe act,” continued Muharem.

The game didn’t start at Bethel Middle School, however. There are numerous videos on YouTube depicting kids playing this dangerous game.

“I don’t understand why kids are mutilating themselves or doing things to hurt themselves,” said parent Jason Luhrs to FoxCT.

Doctors say that this game could lead to serious health complications such as infections. Muharem says he believes students play the game because of peer pressure, and that he hopes to be able to put a stop to it at Bethel.

"It's happening all over," said Muharem. "What concerns me is that kids see something and they try it because of peer pressure. Our job is to keep kids safe."

Muharem adds that no students will be punished for playing the game.


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