Dan Savage: Universities have Responsibilies to Stop Bullying of Gays


Dan Savage sat down with Nico Savidge of the Wisconsin State Journal as a pre-cursor to his appearance at the University of Wisconsin - Madison, where Dan will speak as part of the Wisconsin school’s distinguished lecture series.

The two discussed the current political climate in Wisconsin, how AIDS changed LGBT politics and what it’s like to be the man known for two seemingly divergent movements: It Gets Better and the infamous “frothy mix” Santorum definition.”

Dan also talked about how colleges and universities have a responsibility to teach students about human sexuality.

“And colleges have this responsibility to provide… this crash course in human sexuality and good human sexual conduct,” he said. Because in a college environment, having a bunch of kids rattle around without that knowledge is really dangerous… Behaviors — and bullying is a big thing for me — behaviors that, in high school, will make you king of the campus get you expelled in college. … It’s not just the kids that are being bullied who are going to be destroyed, potentially, by it. It’s the bullies who will be destroyed by it.”

Love him or hate him, but I say God Bless Dan Savage for having what it takes to be a leader today. He speaks out on how we need more leaders like him who’ll speak bluntly and take a stand for truth -- and expose the lies of the anti-gay Christians who want to stop gay marriage and people who only want to live and love.


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