Dan Dewey Has Treated Cancer Patients To $10,000 Worth Of Coffee


A Michigan man whose father was undergoing chemo treatments at a hospital in 2006 began a tradition of buying coffee for cancer patients. To date he’s spent around $10,000 of his own money on the java and he’s happy to do it.

Dan Dewey’s coffee runs began when his father was getting a chemo treatment at St. Joseph Mercy hospital outside Detroit, according to MSN.

 “Anyone want a coffee? I’m buying,” Dewey reportedly stated back in 2006 before heading out to a nearby Starbucks.

Dewey’s father beat cancer, but the man who made the original coffee offer still goes to the hospital to make coffee runs for other patients.

CBS News reports that Dewey, a retired audio-visual specialist for a school district, has spent about $10,000 of his own money on coffee drinks for cancer patients.

"It's the best job I ever had, and I have to pay to do it, that's what I tell people," Dewey said. "Somebody says, 'Can you afford that?' I say, 'No, but I never had any money, anyway, so why not share it?'"

Dewey buys the drinks and brings them to Mercy and now a second hospital that’s across town.

Oncologist Dr. Rajan Krishnan notes that Dewey's drinks do a lot more than just taste good and one patient’s comments proved it.

"He makes me feel like somebody cares," said 78-year-old Anna Burell, one of his regulars.

Dewey is happy in knowing he’s making others happy with his amazing gesture.

"That's all I need is just the smile," Dewey said. "That's all I need. And I have a memory bank full of wonderful smiles."

Sources: CBS News, MSN


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