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Damaine Mitchell Tells Judge He Needs to "Cut Back on Smoking Marijuana”

Damaine Mitchell, who was convicted Monday of marijuana possession, told Ohio Judge Melba Marsh that he needs “to cut back on smoking marijuana," reports the Cincinnati Enquirer.

Judge Moore responded: “Cut back?” 

Mitchell, 19, replied: “Stop. I need to stop. I need treatment.”

Mitchell was arrested in June in possession of one marijuana cigarette. Previously in court, Damaine Mitchell asked Judge Marsh if he could have one last joint before going to jail.

Judge Marsh could have sent Mitchell to prison for up to one year for the marijuana cigarette, but gave him credit for the 72 days he had served, ending the pot case.

However, Mitchell is still in jail for trespassing on his grandmother’s property. He was kicked out of his grandmother’s home for refusing to quit smoking marijuana.

Judge Marsh asked Mitchell if he was working in the jail’s kitchen to get a reduced sentence or to make pot brownies: “I was just wondering if you were making brownies or something."


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