Dallas Police Swarm School Over Dead Fetus, Urge People to Pray (Video)

Officers from the Dallas Police Department swarmed a local high school on Friday after a dead fetus was discovered in the girls' bathroom.

The Dallas Police Department’s Child Abuse Unit is searching for the female student whom they believe gave birth in the bathroom at Woodrow Wilson High School. Police plan to search school surveillance video to find the teen.

An unidentified student reportedly alerted a school employee about the fetus (video below).

“I think that there was somebody that had notified a custodian of a situation in a restroom,” Dallas Independent School District spokesperson Jon Dahlander told CBS Dallas. “The custodian went and then made the discovery.”

“What was found was what appears to be a fetus, or what has been confirmed to be a fetus,” added Dahlander. “We have been in the process of trying to notify parents to let them know about this.”

Major John Lawton, of the Dallas Police Department, told My Fox Dallas-Fort Worth, “We're reviewing video, talking to the teachers, trying to determine if anybody has any knowledge of any student that may have had something going on in their life, and pray.”

The school district sent out an email to parents to explain what happened, but parent Christine Kerry says police refused to tell parents on Friday why they swarmed the school.

“I got out [of my car] and specifically asked, ‘What’s going on and is it safe for the kids to be out here?’ and I was told to go away,” Kerry told CBS Dallas.

Dallas Police did not say whether or not the mother would be charged with a criminal act, but are interviewing teachers and students in an effort to find her.

Sources: CBS Dallas, My Fox Dallas-Fort Worth


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