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Dad Drives Car, Curses at Very Young Son to Run Faster for 'Football Training' (Video)

An unidentified dad recently made his very young son run alongside his car for "football training" as he yelled at him.

The father uses profanity at his son and complains he can only run "eight miles an hour," noted (video below).

"This is how we train for football," says the father. "Daddy drives while you run, get your little a-- in shape."

"C'mon faster, Yates!" yells the dad, as the boy runs in what appear to be Crocs on his feet.

"C'mon, pick it up!" the father bellows at the small boy. "Going eight miles an hour, pick that s--- up, go faster! I don't want to hear your excuses! Hurry up, that dog is beatin' you."

In another part of the video, the dad's vehicle is behind the boy while the angry pop yells, "Run or I'll run your a-- over."

The dad seems finally satisfied when the the child is up to ten mph when they arrive home.

Amazingly, many of the commenters on, where the video was originally posted, shared their support (and failed grammar) for the dad:

That's how you breed a champion right there.

I wish my dad had train me as a kid I had to push myself to get better.

Seems like a cool ass father, I wish my father would have pushed my ass a little harder too!!!

Real talk thats how you get kids to become rich and successful by pushin they a-- harder than ever not by babying they a-----.

He gone be that same QB nominated for the Heisman trophy congratulating his dad for always pushing him and disciplining him to strive to be better.

People saying this is torture mean while their kid is sitting on the couch 30 pounds over weight eatting fruit snacks and drinking soda and can barely take out the trash...

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