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Dad Arrested: Treated Autistic Kids with Synthetic Marijuana

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By Cannabis Karri

A Florida Man has been arrested for child abuse relating to giving his two young autistic children synthetic marijuana. The man had taped the incident and posted it on his Facebook page. Officials, however, were not alerted until a physical argument between the man and his father resulted in this father going to the police.

Scott Crawley said that he gave his children the synthetic marijuana to try and prove it was a treatment for their autism. He told reporter from his jail cell that he didn’t plan on doing it all the time, he was only doing it the one time to raise awareness about autism and medical marijuana.

Investigators say he gave one of this children a substance he claimed was medical marijuana, but according to Crawley’s father, he had forced his 10 year old son, and his 7 year old daughter to smoke out of a vial. Testing showed it was high grade diesel potpourri with a label warning it was not for human consumption, a warning label on all K2, Spice, or other synthetic marijuana products on the market.

The video of Scott Crowley giving his children what they believe to be synthetic marijuana has been taken down, but the police reports say it showed Crowley forcing the children to take a hit off a pipe. Crawly’s facebook page talk extensively about wanting marijuana to be a legal treatment for the disease and says he wishes and says he is also autistic, schizophrenic and on medication.

Scott Crawly is currently in jail being held on a $127,000 bond. He has been charged with two counts of aggravated child abuse and battery on a person over 65. The children have been placed in the car of their grandparents by Department of Children and Families, who are also investigating the incident.

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