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Custodian Cesar Zakahi Fired for Defending American Flag (Video)

Cesar Zakahi recently posted a video (below) of the American flag on his Facebook page, which he claims got him fired on Monday from his custodian job with the Stanley County School District in Fort Pierre, South Dakota.

Zakahi, an Air Force veteran, claims a fellow female custodian would  put the American and South Dakota flags in the boiler room after taking them down from the flag pole.

Joel Arends, a Sioux Falls lawyer hired by Zakahi, said that Zakahi was called ithe superintendent’s office, along with his immediate supervisor, about the flag abuse, but nothing was done.

Zakahi then posted a video of the American flag in the boiler room on his Facebook page. The superintendent told him the video embarrassed him, so Zakahi was fired.

Stanley County School District School Superintendent Don Hotalling told the Argus Leader that Zakahi is no longer employed with the school district, but added that the firing was not about the video.

Source: Argus Leader


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