Why Plus-Size Model Crystal Renn Slimmed Down

Former plus-size model Crystal Renn used to be the poster girl for plus-size models, sticking up for her size 10 frame and doing a variety of photoshoots promoting curvier models in magazines for a few magazine covers and issues this year. She is now the "skinny girl." It seems to be overnight weight loss.

Crystal explains to the U.K.'s Daily Mail what triggered her health kick:

In the past, I avoided exercise because it brought back terrible feelings. I wasn’t ready. And I was scared that maybe I was going to be addicted again.

That’s a fear that goes through your mind, whenever you’re getting over an addiction or a disease like anorexia, yeah, I absolutely was worried.

But then I guess you could say my life changed in a really drastic way. For one, there was a split-up that I went through that was very difficult, and I thought, “You know what? I need to be in a good place. I need to find me again.”

I went backpacking for three weeks and I came back and I had lost some weight. And basically I’ve been traveling ever since.

This is just how my body is now... It’s been strange, actually, because it’s not something I’ve been trying to do," she admitted.

Crystal isn't in the gym beating the crap out of some boxing bag and doing 100 pushups.

"I think I probably have a good relationship with the exercise that I do," she said.

"I’m taking care. I’m just in a really good place. I do hiking. I do yoga, but nothing crazy, just in my house. It brings me peace."


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