Mom Candidly Blogs About Pain Of Breastfeeding


A popular Australian blogger is brutally honest about what it truly feels like to breastfeed her children.

Constance Hall's Facebook posts focus on all sides of being mother, including the unflattering ones.

Before having twins, Hall glorified the experience of breastfeeding, underestimating the pain that it would cause, she reports via her Facebook page on Feb. 24. She was excited for the bond that it would create between herself and her twins.

“They suckle, you stroke their hair, your own hair's blow dried, and a glowing smile resides on your face," said Hall in the Facebook post explaining how she thought breastfeeding would be before she started doing it.

She did not consider how difficult it would be to teach her babies to breastfeed or the pain that comes along with it.

In reality, she cries as her cracked nipples bleed and she does not enjoy the smell of the milk flowing from her breasts.

Hall is not the first blogger who has talked of having a painful breastfeeding experience.

In a Feb. 20 article in the New Zealand Herald, Michelle Duff illustrates the frustrating late nights she's spent trying to feed her child.

“Now here I was, milk-stained [pajamas] around my waist, trying for the tenth time to get my baby's tiny mouth to close around my nipple in a way that didn't cause [agonizing] pain,” said Duff via the New Zealand Herald.

Both Duff and Hall speak of their negative experiences with breastfeeding, a practice that mothers are often expected to engage in.

Hall believes there are pros and cons to breastfeeding. She does not feel shame in switching her babies to formula, which she expressed in her post. In fact, she feels more relaxed when her babies are no longer suckling, as she can focus more energy on her relationship with them. 

Ultimately, Hall uses her Facebook to empower other women as they move along their journey of motherhood.

“Don't ever consider yourself failing at breast feeding," said Hall on Facebook. “Queens don't fail. Some continue, some change their minds, some never wanted to and some have no choice. But none of them fail.”

Sources: Constance Hall/Facebook, The New Zealand Herald / Photo credit: Constance Hall/Facebook

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