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Criminal Drugging of Normal Children

Physicians often befuddle and confuse patients and parents — sometimes on purpose. Psychiatry is a prime example. All of psychiatry’s invented, contrived disorders are called “diseases” or “chemical imbalances” of the brain, and psychiatrists hope that patients and their families will believe this and take the “chemical balancers”—pills, that are invariably prescribed. Think of it: 91% of children seeing child psychiatrists come away with one or more drug prescriptions in hand. Could there be a better definition of drug “pusher?” This is known within the medical community at large and is tolerated, because it is a guaranteed financial success, one that makes “patients” of every normal child or adult, infant or elder, that comes through the door.   

In writing about the antipsychotic Risperdal--a tranquilizing whopper of a drug with serious, sometimes deadly side effects--and its now widespread prescribed to children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder,’ Judith Warner (Tough Choices for Tough Children) appears not to understand that ADHD has never been proven to be a disease—that it has been a fraud all along. This means that children said to have ADHD have never been proven to be anything other than normal, which also means there has never been a legitimate need for medication. Nor is bipolar disorder an abnormality—one to be rendered normal or more nearly normal by a drug or by any physical or medical treatment such as psychosurgery or electro-shock therapy. 

Given that ADHD and bipolar disorder are not demonstrable abnormalities or diseases, and given that no tests exist that demonstrate an abnormality, it must be concluded that antipsychotic use is nothing but the treatment of symptoms—while chemically damaging and restraining the brain—and that physicians, who know from the start that no physical abnormality is present, should be held criminally liable for exposing normal children to these drugs--drugs which, given the absence of disease, are noxious, deadly, poisons.   

Warner is right in saying “I think that what’s happening is that children with big problems are being given big, bad drugs because no one really knows what to do with them.” But their problems are emotional and behavioral, not medical. Having said this, Warner has identified that there is no such thing as medical diagnosis or medical treatment but only a parody of medical practice, a parody of diagnosis and treatment which is all there is to biological psychiatry and their every claim of “disease,” “diagnosis” and “treatment.”

Given that “psychiatric diagnosis” means always referring to invented disorders from within the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual as “diseases,”, and always prescribing drugs—the purpose of the invented diseases—it is only fitting that psychiatrists should be stigmatized as Thomas R. Insel, MD, (director of the National Institute on Mental Health) complains that they are. Given that the NIMH leads the invention of psychiatric “diseases,” they royally deserve not just stigmatizing but criminalizing as well.  

On September 9, 2008, I wrote to Dr. Insel with the “simple, specific request that you send me the reference/citation to that article within the scientific literature proving that schizophrenia is a proven disease, physical abnormality (gross, microscopic or chemical), or abnormal phenotype as claimed in the New York Times [Gene-Hunters Find Hope and Hurdles in Schizophrenia Studies, by NICHOLAS WADE July 31, 2008, NY Times] by Drs. David Goldstein and Kari Stefansson.” Dr. Insel had a functionary respond (Robert K. Heinssen, a non-physician), providing no medical or scientific proof that schizophrenia is a demonstrable physical abnormality. We soon received a more truthful, scientific response from Health Canada, the Canadian counterpart of our US Food and Drug Administration. 

I recently advised the father of a 12-year-old Canadian boy, multiply-drugged by court order, to write Health Canada asking whether or not ADHD was an actual disease having a gross, microscopic or chemical abnormality allowing for objective diagnosis. The answer he received from the Therapeutic Products Directorate, Holland Cross, Tower “B,” 6th floor, 1600 Scott Street, Address Locator # 3106B, Ottawa, Ontario, K1A OK9, dated Nov 20, 2008, was illuminating to say the least. It read: “Dear Mr. V, Thank you for your letter of October 24, 2008, addressed to the Minister of Health, enquiring about the status of ADHD (Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder) as a disease. I am responding on the Minister’s behalf. For mental/psychiatric disorders in general, including depression, anxiety, schizophrenia and ADHD, there are no confirmatory gross, microscopic or chemical abnormalities that have been validated for objective physical diagnosis. Rather, diagnoses of possible mental conditions are described strictly in terms of patterns of symptoms…”---Supriya Sharma, MD, MPH, FRCPC, Director General. 

Suddenly we had a confession from within medical officialdom of the wholly fraudulent nature of all of psychiatry’s claims about diagnosis and treatment of “diseases.” They made no such claims when “neuropsychiatry” was split into the two official specialties, psychiatry and neurology, in 1948. The age of psychopharmacology and psychiatry’s sell-out to the pharmaceutical industry had not yet taken place. Today we have mental health parity—legislative complicity at the highest level of the land in the diagnosing and drugging of all of the normal troubled, troublesome children and adults in the US and (if their intentions go according to plan) the whole world. 

Psychiatrists are not naïve. They go to medical school just like all physicians. They understand perfectly well what diseases are and are not. Rebecca Riley of Hull, Massachusetts died of such fraudulent diagnosing and poisoning; her diagnoses were the sole justification for the multiple psychiatric drugs that killed her at age four. Rebecca was an innocent, healthy, 28-month-old when diagnosed with ADHD and bipolar disorder and started on a noxious, profitable cocktail of Clonidine, Depakote and the Risperdal-like atypical antipsychotic--Seroquel.   

Dr. Ellen Leibenluft, chief of the section on Bipolar Spectrum Disorders in the Mood and Anxiety Disorders Program at the NIMH, is said to have tracked 100 children she believes have severe mood dysregulation  (get that—“severe mood dysregulation”). Ninety percent are said to meet the criteria for diagnoses of ADHD or ODD; sixty percent meet the criteria for serious anxiety diagnosis; twenty-five percent for major depression. “These severely mood dysregulated children are as sick as the bipolar children. They’re severely impaired,” she said. You can easily see why people would feel the need to use medication. A disease? Diseases? According to their marketing plan, each situation becomes “justification” for one or more on-or-off-label drugs—none of which makes an abnormality/disease normal. Why? Because there is no disease in the first place.  

Warner shows herself to be thoroughly indoctrinated or perhaps bought and paid for. She writes: “The issue of what to call these children is a hot one and will heat up further in the near future as discussions take place over whether a new or changed diagnostic category for them should be put in the D.S.M.-V…” This is what diagnosis has become in “biological” psychiatry—label and drug! But in the world of moral, scientific medicine—of which psychiatry claims to be a part—the first question posed by the duty of diagnosis is: “Is there an objective abnormality—gross, microscopic, or chemical—yes or no?” If not, there is no disease and the questions, “which one,” “what is the cause?” and “what is the treatment?” are not legitimately posed. 

Warner urges that we not moralize about these children and their psychotropic drug use as if they were finding and taking these pills by themselves. These are normal children, families, and populations being lied to, called abnormal/diseased, and then having prescription drugs forced upon them. As medical practice this is pure, unmitigated betrayal. What’s more, as this article with all of its new “diagnoses” makes clear, it continues by the millions or tens of millions around the world, with psychiatry unable to invent “diseases” or scribble prescriptions fast enough.   

Finally, Warner berates “the critics of biological psychiatry for whom no drug use is good drug use” and “the critics of today’s culture of parenting who are sure that all the aggression, irritability and out-of-control behavior that psychiatrists call mental illness is actually nothing more than a state of ‘toddlerhood in perpetuity’ caused by ineffective parenting practices.”  

Psychiatry cannot presume behaviors to be diseases; they must prove it.  

Two thirds of schizophrenics not on antipsychotics have remissions, as opposed to one third of those on antipsychotics. Increased deaths occur in every age group—children, adults and elders. Gross and microscopic brain changes are not attributable to anything other than the antipsychotics psychiatry enforces. 

These are the poisons that psychiatry is duty-bound to represent as essential treatment for schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, ADHD and for mental illnesses not yet invented. They cure nothing. They are unfit for human consumption.



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